Friday, December 5, 2008

It was very hillarious I had gotton Idalie ready for bed and just set her outfit that she had worn that day on the floor, Next thing ya know here comes Ryklee sportin a new outfit! as you can see it fits her perfectly!! She is quite the character that one! A little spice in a bottle when these two get together!

Here is the last of Crews long do! Shawn couldn't stand to see his hair any longer so he told him that if he'd shave it he would buy him a surprise of his choice! So we have a bald buzzard now. Shawn almost lucked out if it weren't for his guilty conscience (i think thats how you spell it) when they got to Walmart all Crew wanted was a tech deck for $3.00 but he thought Crew was getting ripped off so he bought him a remote control jeep! Remie's the smart one of the group she went a long because she knew that crew wasn't the only one that was getting a surprise!

Idalie, Crew, Maycee, Remie & Ryklee are all waiting patiently to get some grub. Grandma puts ("temptations" ) candy filled favors above every plate. I think Maycee ate more candy than Thanksgiving dinner! She looks so innocent!

Afterwards Grandpa got his hair styled!

This is at Thanksgiving we were very lucky to have Calie, Shawn, Remie, Ryklee & Wes & Peggy come to our house this year. We had an awesome dinner. It always seems like you fill up way to fast! For two days out of the year I think that you aught to be able to buy an extra stomach that's only attatchable for Christmas & Thanksgiving! Something funny that we tried - Ryks woke up with a really bad ear ache on Thanksgiving day. She had just finished an antibiotic a day before for an ear infection, so Calie looked on the internet for home remedy's for ear infections and one of them was drops of breast milk in the ear! We thought that was interesting and something we could try thanks to my ENDLESS supply & it sure beat the drops of urine or spit! so we tried it! it said it would take 24-48 hours for the ear infection to be gone and sure enough by that night she felt a ton better! My milk works miracles!!!

The kids had been wanting to go to feed the ducks at the college so that is just what we did! They just got through re-doing it. Crew couldn't go without his friend Mason so we got him & his mom to go. We bought 6 loaves of bread & probably should have bought 20 because 6 loaves went really fast thank to the whole pieces the kids were throwing!

Idalie is such a ham! I dressed her up one day & took a bunch of pict & she loved every minute of it! she is quite the poser!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fun @ Grandma & Grandpa's

Today Steele and I went up to Grandma & Grandpa's to hand out with Calie & Ryks. You will see how much fun we had as you scoll down through the pictures. Ryklee called the bowl, beeter, & spatula...

Steele got caught in Grandma's flour.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Candice I found this website that turns new photos into old photos! They turn out awesome! It is in japanese so you have to click on English in the top right hand side of the webpage. Kindof cool though!
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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dairy Farm Fieldtrip

Here's the cows being milked & as soon as they had 30 gallons of milk a piece the little machine thing would pop off -Calie we thought 6 oz was a ton try 30 gallons!- So Wes I asked the correct term for the cows boobies & it is TEETS not tits! I'm one up on ya!

Dairy Farm Fieldtrip

Crew got to go to the Dairy Farm for a fieldtrip. I was able to go with him & it was a ton of fun! I can't believe all the work that farmers do! holy moly! Crew & I have only seen them milk cows on tv so it was very interesting to watch how it works in real life. we had no idea all the things that milk is used for we even learned that your tv has a bit of milk in the metal and also the clarity! this is Crews little friend Jezzi they have good times together. Crew even got to feed a baby cow with a bottle! he loved that. behind us is where they hook the cows up to milk them. . . I totally know how they feel!